6Gs Of A  Membership & Dues Policy
Terms and Definitions Used:
An active member is any and all individuals who have paid their membership fees for the current year.
Any person who paid their membership fees in any previous year, but has not paid for the current year.
A guest is any person who has never been a member of the 6gs league.
Membership fee is $20 per year and is due prior to the end of the first calendar month of the New Year.  
Fees may be mailed to the League Treasurer to meet the date requirement!  If the member still does not pay his/her membership fee
by the specified time, they will be considered an INACTIVE MEMBER.
All members are required to provide contact information in the form of email address and/or phone number.
Any member, who does not wish this information be posted on the web page, may request that the info be 
maintained by the Treasurer and only released upon a request by a tournament director.
To resume League play, the inactive member will be required to become an ACTIVE MEMBER by paying their membership fee.  
The membership fee is then required to be paid BEFORE they can play in the next tournament.
All tournament directors are required to review all event sign ups with the League Data page.  The members fees, that have not 
been paid, will be required to bring those fees current before the member will be allowed to play in the event.
3.   GUEST:
 A Guest will be allowed to play only 2 times per year.  To continue to play they will be required to become an ACTIVE MEMBER 
by paying their membership fee.
Depending on the time of the year that you join, the dues options are as follows:
Option 1:  $20 prior to July 1st, which covers your membership to the end of the current calendar year.
Option 2:  $10 after July 1st, which covers your membership to the end of the current calendar year.
Option 3:  If you join the league on/after November 1st you can select option 2) OR you can pay $20 and that will cover
                      your membership thru the end of the NEXT calendar year.
Only the handicaps of ACTIVE MEMBERS will be maintained. 
All inactive member's data will be maintained on the League books for a maximum of 24 months before being deleted. 
Following 24 months any previous inactive member that wants to play, will have to requalify their handicap and pay their 
membership fee.