October 12 & 13, 2020




October 12, 2020



Blind Best Ball

8:00 a.m. Shotgun (Local time)


Please record your gross score on each hole. The scoring team will make the handicap adjustments.

Most men will play from the WHITE tees.  Ladies and those gentlemen whose handicap is based on the forward tees

 will hit from the GREEN tees.  Closest to the pin is available on all par 3s.  A and B players compete on holes #8 and #14. 

C and D players compete on holes #5 and #17.  A prize will be awarded to the low net in each of 4 flights.

Also, included in the registration fee is $10 for skins.  You are in skins by definition. 

Skins will be awarded in two flights (A/B and C/D players). 




October 13, 2020


El Rio

Four-man scramble

8:00 a.m. Shotgun (Local time)


Hopefully, you all are familiar with the rules but for those of us getting on in age, we tend to forget.  Each player must get

in at least three drives.  However, no player may have more than eight drives. Most men will hit from the COPPER tees.

Ladies and those men defined above, will hit from the TEAL tees.

A.   You may hit the second shot if your drive is selected.


B.    The ball must be placed no more than one club length from the selected prior shot but not out of a hazard and not onto the green. 

You may move onto the fairway as long as the one club length is adhered to.


C.   Gimmee putts are O.K.


D.   No show rule:  If the A player is a no-show, the B player may hit and putt twice on all holes.  The B player must have four drives.

The same logic applies if the B or C player is a no show.  If the D player is a no show, or you have a team with only three

players due to the number of total players not being divisible by 4, the C player may hit a second drive on the 6 hardest holes and

may putt twice on the same six holes.  The C player must have 4 drives. For the three person teams, the maximum driver limit is 11.


E.    You MUST record whose drive is selected on each hole.  This will audited by the finance committee and will be assessed a two-stroke

penalty if each player does not have the required number of drives.


F.    Closest to the pin: A and B players holes #14 and #16, C and D players holes #3 and #5.


G.   Award ceremony is 5-8PM Tuesday night at the Edgewater, same room.